Here we are in 2017 and it’s time to share some new images and musings. Feel free to pop in anytime as I learn how to fly my Mavic Pro quadcopter and make videos. Will publish videos and pics from time to time here.

PhotoKent is a card carrying certified old fart who also happens to be a yogi. He’s learning to fly his DJI Mavic Pro he received over the winter. He has learned to crash it too. and to not crash it. He has just learned how to take off an land in his hand.

In addition to being a self taught droneographer and iphoneographer, he also is an avid photographer, model railroader, hiker, traveler and practices meditation as a disciple of Parmhansa Yogananda. He lives at Ananda Village, in the northern California sierra foothills.

Kent Williams - PhotoKent

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